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An Open Letter to President of The United States, Mr Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, President of USA
I am Mohamad Sohibul Iman, the President of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) of the Republic of Indonesia. We have been following closely the events in Palestine, especially the highly sensitive issue of Jerusalem (Al-Quds).
Jerusalem (Al-Quds) for Muslims all over the world is a holy land where there is no room for negotiation at all whatsoever. When the Muslims ruled Jerussalem, the holy land, Jews and Christians were safe and secure to follow their faith and practice their rituals as well as Muslims.
Before the British occupation of Palestine, in 1914, the population of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and its surrounding was 120 thousand, composed of 70,000 Muslims, 32,000 Christians, and the remaining were Jewish.
There were only 15% of Jews around Jerusalem (Al-Quds). In other Palestinian territories, Jewish citizens were less than 10%. Only after Britain supported European Jewish immigration to Palestine, these numbers increased.
It came as no surprise that the establishment of the State of Israel in Palestine had triggered conflict, hatred, and divisions for more than 70 years.
Surely, you know very well that no countries in the world can promise to give land that they do not own to immigrants, which the British exactly did through the Balfour Declaration to Jewish Zionists.
There is no international law that would accept this. Thus, events in Palestine are so related to the issue of colonization, humanity, as well as religion.
As a matter of fact, we hope you, President of the United States, do not make the conflict worse. We hope, you will really consider any stances and statements related to Palestine, especially Jerusalem (Al-Quds).
Unfortunately, your unilateral statement regarding Jerusalem (Al-Quds) on Wednesday (the 6th of December) has destroyed the peace effort in the occupied land of Palestine.
Your statement clearly contradicts the various international treaties and agreements concerning the existence of Jerusalem (Al-Quds).
You have violated the rules of the international world, disrespected the authority of the United Nations, shocked the sense of justice to the core, harmed the humanity, and spoilt the face of human civilization.
What you have done by acknowledging Jerusalem (Al-Quds) as the Capital of Israel is nothing but the legalization of Israeli terrorism against Palestine and the declaration of hostility to Muslims throughout the world.
For the sake of peace and humanity, we demand you to immediately withdraw your statement.
We, Indonesian Muslims, as well as Muslims in other parts of the world, will continue to support peace processes and the struggle for the liberation of Palestinian land from the Israeli Zionist occupation, as well as the Palestinian right to return to their homeland.

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